Garage Lighting: Why It Is So Important

Both home use garages and industrial garages require good lighting to be effective, usable spaces.   Sometimes garage lighting is overlooked because homeowners incorrectly think that they will not utilize the space for anything other than storage.

garage lighting

The reality is that, if your garage is poorly lit, you will not only struggle to complete projects in the garage but you will also struggle to locate items.

Outdoor Lighting

One of the most overlooked parts of your garage lighting is the lighting outside the garage. It is always a good practice to have one sconce light on either side of the garage door.

You can make these lights more effective and energy efficient by installing motion sensors that make the lights come on when they are needed and turn off when they are not.

Another useful light to add to the garage is an accent light centered over the door itself. This provides light to see by when you need to go out on your driveway and can illuminate the home to show off your home’s architecture.

Indoor Lighting

Many electricians will recommend hanging lights every four to five feet.  The interior lighting in the garage is going to need to be installed according to what your intentions for the space are.   You may need brighter lights if you are going to work on your car or other projects in the garage.

Even if you are not planning to do projects in your garage, you will want to be certain that there are no dark or shadowy corners.  A lighting professional will be able to advise you about what lights you should install.

DIY Task Lighting

Task lights are lights installed under your cabinets that cast light onto the work surfaces in your garage.  If you have a work bench in your garage or do a lot of projects in your garage space, this type of lighting can be very helpful.

Additional lighting that can help with projects and other work are suspended lights that hang from the ceiling. These ceiling lights can be adjusted to hang at whatever height you would prefer and will focus additional light on work spaces very effectively.