Do You Want a Garage Door with Windows?

Have you thought about adding windows to your existing garage door?  This is something that can often be done but you need to consider a few important details before you buy the windows and embark on the project.

garage door with windows

What do you Need?

  • To add natural light?
  • To match the windows in your main entry door?
  • Are you worried about security? You should only install windows higher up on the door if so.
  • Are you struggling with the energy efficiency of your home? Installing windows can cost you more money for heating and cooling.

How to Choose

  • Research which materials are the highest quality. You will want the best window frames and the best installation possible.
  • Consider polypropylene. It is a synthetic resin and often holds up the best as far as wear and tear and fading.
  • Choose sealed and double-paned windows. They are more energy efficient than single-pane windows.
  • Choose windows that are made with real glass. You do not want to select acrylic as it scratches easily.
  • Examine the warranty for any windows that you might be considering buying. The product is only as good as its warranty.
  • Pick a window model that matches your main entry door. There are many options, from clear to tinted or frosted glass, even screen-printed or sandblasted glass.  You can pick glass with integrated grids or panes with inserts to cover the external side of the window.

Windows can be placed in any section of the door without affecting its performance.  Most of the choices that you will be making will come down to cosmetic choices.  Be realistic about the budget that you have to work with for the windows.

Sometimes the window installation and the purchase of the products for it, can cost you 25% to 50% percent more than the cost of the door itself.

Many companies who sell garage doors and the windows that you will be shopping for can show you styles they offer with a virtual design center.

In many cases, you can bring a photo of your garage door and the design center suggestions can be shown to you using your real garage door.  It is always best to contact a professional to make sure that you get the most for your money.