Performing Maintenance on Your Garage Door Remote

Garage door openers work by sending a radio signal to the opener and telling it to open.  Normally all of these types of devices will be set to unique signals that will not interact with other people’s garage doors.

garage door remote

Sometimes, however, a stronger radio signal will interfere with your garage door opener, preventing proper function.  Sometimes people will try and alter or increase the strength of their own openers and this can cause trouble for everyone else.

While this is likely not something that you have to deal with, many homeowners who are faced with this type of problem do not know how to fix the issue and have to hire a professional to come fix the issue for them.  Most of the time, this is something that you can fix on your own easily.

Find Your Frequency

Most garage door openers operate on a 315MHz or 390MHz frequency.  This frequency is generic and is most commonly used for short-range devices. The trouble with most of the same type of devices being operated by the same frequency signal is that this signal can be easily overridden by a stronger signal on the same frequency.

It’s a good practice to find out which signal(s) your Wi-Fi and the other devices in your home are using.  If they are operating on either of the frequencies mentioned above, you will want to talk to a professional and see what can be done to prevent interference with your garage door opener.

Check the Batteries

As obvious as it sounds, sometimes the problem with your garage door is just that the opener needs new batteries.  It is a good idea to keep spare batteries on hand for your garage door remote.

Clean the Remote

If you garage door remote gets stored in a place where it can get dusty or dirty, you might be impeding the infrared signal that is used to transmit the signal to the garage door.  Fortunately, it is easy to clean your opener to make sure that the signal can transmit to your garage door properly.