3 Ways to Customize Your Garage

A custom garage probably calls to mind a high-tech design with a very high cost.  Thankfully, there are many ways to customize your garage without have to fork out a lot of money or do any complicated processes.

upgrade your garage

In most cases, a little bit of organization of your garage space and the application of some minimalist design ideas can make your garage look brand new.

Re-Purpose Old Doors to Make Shelves

For many homeowners, this is a mutually beneficial project.  Side, front and back doors of your home will need to be replaced at some point and then the doors can be used again in a new way as shelves in your garage.

You will need strong L-brackets to install the new shelves onto the walls of the garage. Stains and paint can customize the shelving and make it look brand new.

Make or Buy a Workbench

Many people use their garage to store their tools and other house-related hardware. Tools tend to pile up in nooks and crannies of the garage and finding anything that you need in that kind of mess can be impossible.

Protect your tools and your sanity and invest in a good workbench.  Pick a high-quality bench and your tools and other housing hardware will be easy to locate.

The other function of the workbench that will improve your life is the addition of a space where you can build things and make repairs without sacrificing other portions of the garage.

Add Boxes and Hooks

We have all seen a garage that has stacks of boxes, toys, bikes and other items piled all over.  Any garage that doesn’t employ shelves, hooks or storage boxes will always be disorganized.  Use hooks to hang tools and other smaller items.

Use storage boxes to keep items of similar type together.  Use larger hooks to hang brooms, rakes and other larger tools. Bikes can be hung from the ceiling on hooks as well.

Clearing space in the middle of the garage and keeping items of similar type together will improve the space immensely.

If you do not feel comfortable installing these upgrades yourself, you can hire a professional to help you organize, install and upgrade.  A professional will know what types of materials will suit your needs the best and will also have lots of know-how about how to best use your space.